A ‘truth commission’ now!

It only takes a flood and series of severe storms to knock out my precarious hold on an internet connection in my South Pacific paradise. Unfortunately it takes a week and a half negotiating with Punjabi call centre workers to restore the service.

Here we are back again, and I want a truth commission. Well I would, but now I’m on line I must look forward and not back. That’s what BO says about a truth commission into the Bush years. BO says he’s too busy rebuilding the economy to look and the rear view mirror.

Hang on BO! There a some 300 million people in the US of A. Are you telling us they are all busy focused on the future? Now he has dispatched Blago Patrick Fitzgerald has time on his hands, experience investigating Bush and no obvious economic role.

Sure a Fitzgerald Commission would present a public distraction, but would that be such a bad thing? The last thing you need, BO, is the nation watching over your shoulder constantly. Distract, entertain and punish I say!

5 thoughts on “A ‘truth commission’ now!”

  1. Call me a cynic – I was called an Anglo-Saxon version of female pudenda today so cynic is no biggy…
    A truth commission is little more than the circus part of bread and circus. Having used my off line time to go through some research data I’m yet to find a major inquiry, regardless of any dramatic revelations, actually resulting in serious charges. At best some scapegoats will be trotted out and life goes on as usual.

  2. It’s a basic principle of history that things happen in the present or future because of what happened in the past. Thus the idea of either looking forward or backward being mutually exclusive presents a false dichotomy.

    By not ‘looking back’ at Watergate crimes, the nation was almost guaranteed the future treasons committed during the Iran/Contra scandals, and by not dealing with that, the Bush crime spree was enabled. Constantly sweeping things under the rug leads to a very lumpy rug.

  3. G’day SBT! You have my vote. From at least (I haven’t gone further) John Connelly through Ted Shackley to Richard Armitage et al there is a continuing line of corruption being ignored – despite inquiries. It is time to throw the whole lot up in one revelation.

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