Clinton won’t change name to Barack Obama – May signal surrender in Democratic race

In a sign she may be about to end her run for the presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided not to change her name to Barack Obama.

Clinton was to file court papers this week to legally change her name to Barack Rodham Obama.

The last-ditch tactic, devised by Clinton campaign genius Mark Penn, would have relied on name confusion to get Democratic Party superdelegates to commit to her.

An anonymous source close to the Clinton campaign said the tactic was born out of desperation.

“The hope was that statistically half the remaining superdelegates would be confused enough to pledge for Obama instead of Obama, but frankly there aren’t that many philosophy majors left in play. It was another idiotic Penn scheme,” Ickes said.

In a related story, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain today denied he has plans to solidify support among the party faithful by changing his name to George X. Bush.

5 thoughts on “Clinton won’t change name to Barack Obama – May signal surrender in Democratic race”

  1. I often feel at a loss commenting on the underlying insanity. Aussie humour tends to be far too blunt for the purpose ;)

  2. Did I miss a memo? If McCain is really “George X Bush”, does this mean we’ve had 24 presidents from the Bush clan?

    And if that doesn’t scare the pants off of you…

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