And San Francisco Politicians Wonder Why…

…people say our city is a trash-filled, graffiti covered, disgrace. I MEAN WHO THE F*CK TAGS A TREE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE?!  And this is the second time.

Guessing how things will go down—based on how the assholes at the Department of Public Works reacted last time we got a major tag on our building—I expect the following:

In about a month we’ll receive a missive from the DPW taped to our front gate informing us that we need to remove the tag…on the tree…within two weeks…or the city will fine us. So we’ll do it. Of course that will mean stripping the bark which will probably kill the tree. Then the dead tree will get infested, and the DPW will let us know that we have to have it removed, at our own expense or—yes you guessed it—we’ll be fined. Finally, after we’ve spent thousands removing the tree and repairing the sidewalk, the DPW will inform us that if we don’t plant a new tree we’ll…wait for it…be fined for violating urban beautification statutes.

But at no time during this process will the little sh*t who did the tagging: Be sought, caught, criminally prosecuted, or fined. Even though we have a pretty good idea of where to find her/him, the SFPD’s response is usually something like, “What do you want us to do? We’ve got more important crimes to deal with.” Such is life in Babylon by the Bay.

14 thoughts on “And San Francisco Politicians Wonder Why…”

  1. You dirty hippies didn’t think there’d be a price to be paid for encouraging civil disobedience, did you? Ah-nold says bee thankful yoo are nut beeng heet wit zee tazer.

  2. It’s a shame…I remember a time when San Francisco was clean and pristine, with no graffiti. I hope someday this scourge is stopped but I guess all big cities and even towns now have this problem.

  3. Randal… The Governator says, “That’z ‘Arh-nult’ you pretentious girly-mahn!” :-)

    …clean and pristine, with no graffiti.

    Mauigirl… Not in all the time I’ve lived here, unfortunately. Makes one wonder what the hell I was thinking when I moved to the Left Coast. Oh…I know…the Frogette already had a job and told me to get my sorry green butt out here. ;-)

  4. Hey why don’t you find an eco-friendly paint that won’t hurt the tree (I’m pretty sure they exist) and try to match the tree’s color and paint over the tag? They do it here in Griffith Park. It’s the only way they can get around killing the tree. I would hate to see that poor tree die.

    Or if you strip the bark, make sure you just do it where the tag is. If you don’t go all the way around, the tree can still get nourishment (the bark carries it up the tree) so maybe if one side is intact, it won’t kill it.

  5. Helen, Fred… Thanks for the links and the advice. We’re going to look into the eco-friendly paint thing.

    Lew… Speaking of tagging cars, we have a van area that is known as the ‘Graffiti Van’. It’s been tagged so man times, that it looks like a rolling mural.

  6. Just want you to know, man, I’ve become a professional lurker. Not for any one reason, just don’t have the time I used to. But I still read everything.

  7. We’ve had that same thing happen to us twice in the last few years. It was our building; fortunately not a tree. It was the exact same thing from the city. We were at fault for being tagged, and if we didn’t remove or paint over the graffiti by a certain date, the city would do it for us and charge us a huge fee. And no effort to try catching the taggers, since it’s “not a high priority.”

    Sort of like arresting a mugging victim and charging him with vagrancy.

  8. Tom… The tag that San Francisco actually threatened us over was this one. Letters 7 feet high. The jack-hole who did this dragged paint onto our roof from the adjoining building, painted upside down, at night, 30 feet in the air. Despite the fact that there was no way for us to repair the damage, SF went after us and we eventually had to just paint over it. No choice.

  9. Why is your building responsible for the tree?

    Abi… In Sodom by the Sea, building owners are responsible for the sidewalks, curbs, trees, shrubs, and anything else in front of their buildings. Hell, I think SF would make us responsible for the paving the street itself if they thought they could get away with it.

    We have to keep the sidewalks clean (in our case all 10′ up to the street’s edge), free of gum, trash, excrement (dog, pigeon, or human). We have to repair cracks at our own expense. We have to pay for DPT markings on the curbs. We have to keep trees and shrubs groomed, trimmed, and if they die we have to replace them at our expense. If taggers hit our sidewalks (and they do), we have to remove the tags.

    And what does the City do to help us with the process–not one god-damned thing.

  10. Now THAT’S what I call an insightful take on this subject. What I would suggest though is talking to other people involved in the scene and bring to light any conflicting points of view and then update or create a new article for us to . I hope you’ll take my advice, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if you can, they’re very popular at the moment.

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