SciFi Channel Rebrands, Irrelevance Beckons

Future Headlines —

SciFi Channel renames itself ‘SyFy’, says it’s not just an exciting spelling error

Citing economic climate, FedEx rebrands as Fd’X, claims millions in saved ink and paint

Broadband alliance dissatisfied with common abbreviation, renames standard “WhyPhi”

L.A. Gangs engage image consultant.  Advised to soften language.  “MoeFoe” recommended

‘SyFy’ brand is a bust.  SyFy Channel rebrands…again.  Becomes ‘SeyeFeye’

‘SeyeFeye’ brand is a bust.  ‘CyeFye’ is new name

CyeFye Channel is sued by HBO Networks.  Infringement on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ claimed

CyeFye Channel shuts down.   Cable subscribers reply, “What channel?”

(Author’s Note:  Geeks made the SciFi Channel what it is.  If they want to do something as pantently stupid as rebranding themselves with term that looks like baby-talk.  They should expect to reap the sh*tstorm!)

10 thoughts on “SciFi Channel Rebrands, Irrelevance Beckons”

  1. I just heard about this and think it’s ridiculous. To your point, geeks (like me and my husband!) are Sci Fi fans and we know how to spell Sci. It’s really absurd to misspell the abbreviation phonetically.

  2. As long as this means the string of putrescent giant snake and/or insect flicks will continue unabated, they can call it yogurt. Go [insert name here!]

    There was about a month in 1995 where this channel didn’t suck giant ass.

  3. I saw this the other day. It’s OK with me, but I’ll tell you, as soon as Mr. Yenta saw the SciFi channel in cable listings years ago, he had to have it. It wasn’t quite basic cable for us then. It came in an additional package at like $5 a month for five channels or something. If he’d seen SyFy it might not have registered. They better not screw themselves. I couldn’t live with Mr. Yenta if we couldn’t have a steady diet of human/alien interaction alternating with unfortunate young people out in the woods having no idea that the are about to encounter giant snakes or spiders or prehistoric mammals or reptiles or very spiteful aliens or people who are possessed be demons, or of course, the run of the mill werewolf. Plus, what would serve as a warning to our young people against the deceptive tranquility of nature? Constant reruns of Deliverance?

  4. Mauigirl… Their rational for the change is even worse, “…a brand that we can extend.” Who-the-f*ck cares is your end up losing your audience?!

    Randal… Oh how wrong you are. Well…ok…mostly right. But Sci-Fi’s adaptation of Dune and Battlestart Galactica ROCK!

  5. Frogette… OMG! Is Mansquito on this weekend?! You, me, the couch, some popcorn…

    Plus, what would serve as a warning to our young people against the deceptive tranquility of nature? Constant reruns of Deliverance?

    Zenyenta… LOL! That has to be the best comment I’ve read in a long time!

  6. “SyFy” is a four year old’s nickname for a Stephanie.

    WINWS… Yeah, like I said, babytalk.

    Robert… Unfortunately, SciFi may go the way of most STDs.

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