Honorable, But Not Honorable Enough

You gotta wonder…

Parade sponsor Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce turned down an application from the North Olympic chapter of Vets for Peace, claiming the entry’s message contradicts the mandate of the armed forces and advances a political, religious or social issue, according to a rejection notice that the group received Sunday.

If the mandate of the armed forces is not to ‘achieve the peace’, then I sure wish the Bremerton Area CoC would explain exactly what they think that mandate is. In fact, I suspect that most vets are in favor of peace. When you’ve experienced war close up, I’ll bet it gives you tremendous appreciation, respect, and desire for peace.

“I think it’s silly for this to become an issue and for them to hijack an honorable day,” [Armed Forces Festival Chairman, Cris Larsen] said.

Ah…an “honorable day”. One where veterans who believe in peace are not welcome because they’re…not honorable? Not honorable enough? Maybe the Armed Forces Festival chairman and his committee should recuse themselves from participating in the parade. Seems to me we know who’s really honorable in this situation, and who is not.

6 thoughts on “Honorable, But Not Honorable Enough”

  1. Um, how exactly is it that the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce gets to decide what the mandate of the armed forces should be?

  2. Bremerton is one of two centers of Navy activity in Puget Sound, so military boosterism is omnipresent. Oddly, Cris Larsen is a comedian. Crap, I wonder what his shows are like. “Ya ever notice how those peace advocates never shut up about not making war? What’s the deal with THAT?” etc.

    I assume this is him:

    It’s a camouflage hat — hiding his brain from view!

  3. DBK… Well, maybe the Joint Chiefs spent an afternoon there at a luncheon?

    Mr_Blog… You’re not serious? That’s really him? Looks like a dweeb.

    Diva… Oh I don’t know–sort of a fashion statement don’t you think? Not a good one, mind you.

  4. Wiseline Institute only deals in facts. As they exist at any particular moment in time. But yeah, that’s him. Armed Forces Day is his pet project, he goes around trying to get kids involved — maybe they can get him to look up “honorable” in the dictionary. It’s on the same page as “hobo,” which uses the above photo *RIMSHOT*.

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