CIA: Tapes? No. Paper trail? No problem!

The Central Intelligence Agency disclosed Friday that it has 3,000 summaries, transcripts, reconstructions and memoranda relating to 92 interrogation videotapes that were destroyed by the agency, the American Civil Liberties Union revealed Friday evening.

The Raw Story

Kvatch notes the similarity to the Nazi’s immaculate, and damning, record-keeping of their deeds during the Holocaust.

The Frogette adds that, if you really want to be ‘bad guys’, best to do what atrocity-minded regimes in Africa do…chop ’em up and don’t leave records.

(And all right-thinking people should be concerned that this is what suffices for stimulating conversation during the cocktail hour at ‘Casa de las Ranas’.)

3 thoughts on “CIA: Tapes? No. Paper trail? No problem!”

  1. Sounds a lot like our dinner table conversation, actually. We’ve been doing it for over thirty years. And yes, it has warped us a bit.

    I’m not surprised that the records are gone. Is anyone?

  2. What a fun job someone must have had transcribing all those hours of tapes. Dick Cheney must have needed something to read to put him in the mood for love.

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