11 thoughts on “California’s Same Sex Marriage Ban Overturned…”

  1. I wonder, seriously wonder, about the way the courts play ping-pong with the emotions of these 8000 PEOPLE. You’re right, they absolutely MUST restore the rights of these couples. Anything else is an insult.

  2. Diva… What gets me is that, in this case, it’s the same court. The first time around, the CA Supreme Court didn’t rule on the central question, but merely said that Newsom didn’t have the authority to marry the couples, at all. It too until now to decide the constitutionality of the question.

    BB… We can only hope. Though things may go backwards next fall when another ballot initiative tries to write discrimination into our constitution.

  3. Tip o’ the hat to Gavin Newsom for making the court face this, by the way. Sure, it’s taken forever and still has miles to go, but Newsom took the risk of forcing the issue, while “progressives” (including Barney Frank as well as the usual obstructionist wank-wanks on the San Francisco Board Of Stuporvisors) were VERY unhappy that Newsom wasn’t content to twiddle his thumbs and “wait for a better opportunity.” (But you can rest assured they’ll claim a share of credit for any success in the issue.)

    It’s the difference between someone who’ll stand up and say, “f**k you–this is just wrong,” regardless of the personal consequences, and those content to sit in the back of the bus and continue planning their little “someday” revolution.

  4. Woo hoo! Let the weddings begin. Cuz you know that the next time we have ballot initiatives the “protection of marriage act” is going to rear it’s ugly head…again. I think we should organize one of those giant wedding ceremonies at Pride this year.

  5. How come you didn’t cover the wedding between George and Olmert carried out in the Knesset recently? Seems Israel and America are no longer in a defacto relationship and are now married untill death do them part.

    P.S. I did a post about ‘What George Meant To Say To The Knesset.’ Check it out.

  6. I met with a new client yesterday – he performs marriages for LA City Hall – he asked me if I’d heard about this – he said he’d performed several committment ceremonies before the Supreme Court Ban, and he was actually devastated at the underhanded way those were made “illegal”.

  7. Happenstance… Newsom certainly deserves much of the credit, but also the couples who took a hell of a risk, and payed the price. I just wish Mayor Gav would settle down and start acting like he really wants to be the mayor.

    Frogette… Agreed. Now we need 10 or 20 thousand marriages that can’t be annulled even if some brain-dead constitutional amendment passes.

    How come you didn’t cover the wedding between George and Olmert carried out in the Knesset recently?

    DavidG… Because it would have been…polygamist? And we all that polygamy is frowned upon in God’s country. ;-)

  8. Diva… I couldn’t believe it myself. The CA Supreme Court really blew it by refusing to consider the constitutional question back in 2004. They should have dealt with it all at once. Cowards!

    Frederick… Agreed. That’s…what…two states down. 48 to go.

  9. Could you maybe sue for declaratory relief and have the illegal annulment set aside and be married since the state performed an illegal act when it annulled your marriage thereby depriviing you of property rights and the right to a fair civilized divorce with all the trimmings if such was the case. A woman or man similarly situated would have this right, no?

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