Outrageous Ragebot Block

For some, thus far, inexplicable reason my Singapore government owned ISP (OPTUS) has blocked access to Ragebot. It could well be that many of their customers had a problem with the prognostications of my associates on the blog, but I expect I might have said something to upset local political sensibilities.

Certainly I was intending to post here on my favourite US baddie, the ‘black ops’ and Bush heavy Richard L. Armitage; [http://cartledged.blogspot.com/2009/03/richard-l-armitage-name-to-conjure-with.html]. but I didn’t have an opportunity. No connectivity, no post!

Well, as we Australian’s have it, “there are more pleasant ways of killing a cat than sucking its brains out its arse!” Blocking IP’s is a crude tool at best and hardly worthy of consideration as a control measure. I could have asked someone else to post, but why do that when I can use a proxy connection myself? Admittedly there are some shortcomings, but we shall overcome.

So why was I blocked? First thoughts turn to a recent post Papua Merdeka – Free West Papua. http://cartledged.blogspot.com/2009/01/papua-merdeka-free-west-papua.html The problem there is that our Indonesian neighbours are sensitive about criticism of their heavy handed idea of territorial integrity. In fact the Aussie and other regional governments tend to share that sensitivity.

I was sort of prepared to leave that issue for now, to comment was the best I could do the help the West Papuans. More pressing, with the carnage currently occurring in Afghanistan, was a reflection on what we are really doing there.

Our PM, Kevin Rudd, reminded us the other day about the twin towers. Good one Mr Rudd, but that doesn’t explain much does it? No one has bout the scalp of Bin Laden home, no one has even spelt out a credible aim for the conflict.

Well why would they, at least publicly, when the aim is to ensure the steady supply of opium based narcotics? The American authorities have been engaged in this trade since Vietnam at least, and Afghanistan is simply the new money trail for these corrupt officials. I reflected earlier on Richard L. Armitage, and suggest a general investigation into his activities, past and present, would not be amiss.

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