This has GOT to be a sign of the Apocalypse

Kvatch brought this one to my attention.  Apparently even though the automobile markets worldwide are tanking, Ikea has decided it’s a good time to enter the game.  If you’re having the same nightmarish images flash through your head as I am, you’re thinking hex wrench and directions.  That’s right.  For a mere $500 you get to put together your own car!  Dear God, what if the instructions come in Swedish?!

8 thoughts on “This has GOT to be a sign of the Apocalypse”

  1. When I think of how hard it is to put together their bookcases the idea of putting together their car is daunting!

    Why don’t they just buy Saab? They need an investor!

  2. But isn’t a ‘flat-packed’ car gonna be a bit on the…heavy side?

    On the other hand, the could sweeten the deal with lifetime supply of their awesome Swedish meatballs.

  3. MauiGirl – So right! Saab could really use some help.

    WINWS & Randal – So true, it ‘s like an evil genius dreamt this thing up isn’t it?

    Buck – I would think the last thing the American auto industry wants is competition from Ikea! Thank goodness the Bush Era is done.

  4. Kvatch – Um…honey I read about the lifetime supply of meatballs and immediately bought us one. You’re going to put it together for me, right? ;->

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