England hosts G20 Swap Meet

The world wide financial collapse is likely to be near the top of the agenda tomorrow, when officials of the Group Of 20 largest national economies meet in London for their annual summit.

But more than in any prior year, the annual meeting’s swap meet pavilion is expected to offer G20 attendees a bonanza of low-priced cast-off institutions like banks, brokerages, automobile companies, and Iceland.

The event organizer, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, says financial responsibility is the conference’s overriding theme this year.

Brown - Wearing the hairpiece he bought at the G20 swap meet in 2006
Brown - Wearing the hairpiece he bought at the G20 swap meet in 2006

“In light of the imminent global depression, citizens of the G20 countries have had enough of overspending. Well no one will think that after they see these bargains!” Brown said.

It is well known that G20 swap meeters get choosy during tough times. Water supplies, petroleum reserves and international rights to reality television properties are likely to top G20 shopping lists. Free-trade pacts and treasury debt notes — staples in good economic times — are likely to receive nothing more than sympathetic glances.

While most of his peers will be bargain hunting, first-time G20 goer Barack Obama says he will be selling.

“I’ll be trying to interest the other nineteen in a number of things America doesn’t need anymore, such as deregulation, a private health insurance system, and the Republican Party.”

“Selling them at the G20 swap meet makes more sense than letting them gather dust in some Smithsonian Institution broom closet,” Obama said.

The president went on to say that the GOP might have some life left in it. “It’s a good weekend fixer-upper project, for the right overseas authoritarian dictator who has the time and money to put into it,” he said.

One thought on “England hosts G20 Swap Meet”

  1. This was a good article! Humor can be used to good effect.

    I hope the G20 meeting is accompanied by lots of riots. The fools that gather to wine and dine themselves on taxpayers’ money need to know that many people are sick of the farce that they represent: capitalism, imperialism, materialism and militarism.

    Change is long overdue!

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