I Want In On This Conspiracy Theory

A new conspiracy theory surfaced this past week. When that happens, you have to decide quickly if you’re going to believe it or not–no slow pokes, sitting on the fence, waiting for facts (like these facts here) to materialize. Oh no, I took that approach too many times and I missed out on some damn fine conspiracies–Don Siegelman, Sibel Edmonds, the AIPAC espionage trial, the fired U.S. Attorneys, Dick Cheney’s safe fire, Dick Cheney’s blood alcohol level when he shot that guy, and many more.

Well, I’ll admit, I was actually all over those conspiracies, but this story about someone (read: our international overlords) cutting off vast swaths of the internet, including Iran’s, stinks to high heaven.  Every day since Bush has been President one could make the case that “something is brewing,” but something is brewing.

Yet, the square media is already calling us nuts whackjobs:

From ABC (servants of the Mouse):

Conspiracy theories emerge after Internet cables cut
By Simon Lauder

Is information warfare to blame for the damage to underwater internet cables that has interrupted internet service to millions of people in India and Egypt, or is it just a series of accidents?

When two cables in the Mediterranean were severed last week, it was put down to a mishap with a stray anchor.

Now a third cable has been cut, this time near Dubai. That, along with new evidence that ships’ anchors are not to blame, has sparked theories about more sinister forces that could be at work.

For all the power of modern computing and satellites, most of the world’s communications still rely on submarine cables to cross oceans.

When two cables were cut off the Egyptian port city of Alexandria last week, about a 100 million internet users were affected, mainly in India and Egypt.

The cables remain broken and internet services are still compromised.


So, the pejorative term ‘conspiracy theory’ is being thrown at this event by the very trustworthy American theme park-military-industrial-pharmo-media complex.

Despite the lack of a thorough debunking, I feel inclined to just shrug it off and go, “Eh, probably nothing. Move along.”

But moving along becomes a bit difficult when I read that story, then, within two minutes, I come across this sweet little story. You see, the military part of our theme park-military-industrial-pharmo-media complex has internally characterized the internet as an enemy “weapons system”.

Eh, probably nothing to it. Sure thing.  No big deal that ships’ anchors didn’t cut the lines the way Egypt said they did.  Move along.  Right.

By the way something, Greg Laden has a sweet map of all the under sea internet cables.

16 thoughts on “I Want In On This Conspiracy Theory”

  1. No SA, I think you’re on to something here. What do you think the Navy has been training dolphins for all these years? Mine detection? I don’t think so… ;-)

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  3. You can all laugh, I can’t ring an Indian call centre now. Not that they ever help with support, but they are fun to talk to. My Punjabi was really improving. Bloody VOIP ruins everything.

  4. Cartledge… I love VoIP, though I suppose at 300 baud it’s more akin to two cups and a string!

    Liberality… Personally I want a cloak of invulnerability.

  5. I rely on India call centres – for amusement more than help – but their systems are in deep doo doos with this.
    The value is questionable of course. I’m looking at changing providers and the good news is that support improves from 2 out of ten to 2.3 :(

  6. Wonderful post – I was thinking about an article on a similar subject that I need to take a shot at, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with the world…Obviously a lot of readers appreciate it too!

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