Well at least he wasn’t buggering little boys


He apparently was siring them.  Paraguayan president and ‘baby daddy extraordinaire’ Fernando Lugo has been accused of fathering a six year old son out of wedlock.  The rub you ask?  He was a Catholic Bishop bound by vows of celibacy at the time of the conception.  And…he also has already acknowledged paternity of a 2 year old boy via another relationship.  The article states that:

He had established a special team to deal with the legal cases that might emerge around this subject.

Jesus man, how many kids do you have?! Since the Vatican only absolved him of his vows last July I’m asking myself what the Hell?!!!

4 thoughts on “Well at least he wasn’t buggering little boys”

  1. Zenyenta – Yeah, and he seems to have no problems with that pre-marital sex caveat either.

    WINWS – Perhaps he did!

    Lew – Makin’ babies, that’s surely the Lord’s work. You know he always says “Be fruitful and multiply – just don’t do it on my watch”. :-)

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