Lead By Example

We should all—well…at least…all of us who can—be considering whether or not we really need a car.

Some mayors tool around in Priuses and hybrid Civics. But Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates has taken green transit a step further. No more cars for him, at all.

—  SF Gate – 20 April 2009

Mayor Bates traded in his Volvo for an AC Transit pass and a sturdy pair of walking shoes, and he’s 71 years old for God’s sake!

What’s your excuse?

8 thoughts on “Lead By Example”

  1. Now if only we could convince SF mayor Gavin Newsom to follow his example. We’d save a ton if he got rid of that black SUV and driver. Just sayin’

  2. When Mike Dukakis was governor of Massachusetts, he used to take public transit (called, ironically, the Green Line) to work every day . The press made a big deal about it – almost as big a deal as when he rode in that tank back in 1988. ;-)

    No way I can give up my car. Gotta roll, man.

  3. Frogette… Newsom won’t ever give up the SUV. He needs the smoked windows to keep the paparizzi away from that under-age trollop he married.

    Abi… Dukakis, huh? Figures. All the right intentions, and all the political dexterity of Shah of Iran.

  4. My excuse is that my daily commute is 40 miles roundtrip on two days of the week, and 28 miles roundtrip on two other days. The fifth day of the week I have an 8 mile roundtrip.

    I can’t run any more due to two knee surgeries and a spinal fusion, but hey… I do drive a Prius. Does that count for something? 8-)

    Seriously, kudos to the mayor of Beserkeley. Is public transit relatively safe, enough that he can use it without having to have bodyguards along? I know someone who drives a city bus in Portland, and he has shared some fun horror stories about packs of roving droogs who come out to ride the buses late at night.

  5. My excuse is that we just don’t have mass transit in any real sense. That’s true in many suburbs. Everything is sprawl, so it’s not even easy to design efficient routes. Very limited numbers of buses resulting in VERY circuitous routes. It can take half a day to go 20 miles, depending on where you’re going – and that’s not counting a pretty long walk to and from the bus. And they don’t run after 7pm or on Sundays. We have plenty of trains going in and out of NYC and they’re pretty much filled to capacity as far as I can see. They can also be used for going from town to town, but most destinations will require a cab ride from the RR station. I understand that Nassau County has a decent bus system, but out here in Suffolk it’s really hard to rely on mass transit.

  6. I got rid of my 1985 Mazda RX-7 last summer when it failed its smog test. The state of California gave me a $1000 to take it off the road. We promptly bought a scooter with the money, but owing to some technical problems haven’t used it at all. As of yet.

    I biked to and from work until Oct 3rd when, while fooling around on my bike, broke my shoulder. While that sidelined me on the bike score, it ultimately saved my life as an x-ray revealed some clouding in my lungs which led me to participate in a trial study which detected a small tumor in my right lung. So here I am at home doing chemo after surgery, wishing I could ride my bike, but very grateful I got rid of my car.

  7. What’s your excuse?

    I ride the train into work everyday. But sometimes I loathe it when idiotic and/or annoying passengers board. Most times their loud and obnoxious, and, every now and then, violent, drunk and abusive. That would be my excuse… sometimes.

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