Newest Technology Meets Oldest Profession

Google Street View is a BAD idea. There I’ve said it. This mashup of photography and geo-positioning is at best a distraction, and at worst a badly defended invasion of privacy. Yes it is true that Google has a legal right to photograph the front of your house, just as it is legal for any person to look toward or even into your windows. But it is not legal or even acceptable for Google to do this with telephoto lenses, and the fact they that simply don’t post high resolution images on Street View isn’t a defense. Humans don’t have 10X eyes.

That said, this privacy invading wonder occasionally catches some really funny events. The Register notes that the ‘face-blur’ seems to be working just fine. But ‘butt-cheek-blur’? Not so much.

6 thoughts on “Newest Technology Meets Oldest Profession”

  1. Damn Europe and their thongs.

    Mr_Blog… Contributing to the decline of Western civilization, they are.

    Randal… Google blur’s for no man (woman, frog).

  2. I’m all for google using telephoto lenses if they can bring us more photos like the one you’ve displayed here.

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