Peace Trading Credits

As the second publication of the Global Peace Index Rankings was released this week a few interesting thoughts began to surface. Well a list is great, and we really enjoy seeing the US hovering around 97. But it isn’t quite as simple as that.

Just having a list tells us nothing we don’t already know. What we need to do is establish peace trading credits to offset the obvious discrepancies in all this. Good luck to Iceland (#1); but who are they relying on to defend them from an aggressive takeover from Nauru?

Nauru don’t even feature on the list, but just think about the carnage the inhabitants of this rock (sans its wealth of bird shit) could visit on peaceful Iceland if the US, or even #11 Canada were not keeping them apart. Nauru isn’t short of money, but a bit of inhabitable land would be a real boon while they wait for a few hundred years of guano to build up.

The point is, we have an opportunity to emulate the incredible success of carbon trading here. It’s not even a cynical exercise (anymore); being brokers for a dubious crock of shit is considered the mark of a valued world citizen now.

I’m sure others are lining up to make brokering peace credits the next big market. Peace brothers and sisters, and let’s get our bid in.

7 thoughts on “Peace Trading Credits”

  1. Isn’t it a little unfair for U.S. to be a “mere” 97th while Iraq is ranked at the bottom (#140)? I mean seeing as how we are the main reason they are #140, shouldn’t we be right down there with them? Well, at least we’re still ahead of Azerbaijan & Turmenistan & Saudi Arabia. Must be our lack of beheadings & oil boilings. Things on our to-do list, I’m sure.

  2. DK, therein is the rub. The index works a number of measures, but so far as I’ve seen doesn’t tell us about the Americans, or Iraqis for that matter, who really do care about peace.
    The peace credits were for my own amusement of course, but perhaps we should find more acute measures.

  3. Liz, it didn’t happen with the Aussie figure, even though we have a more peaceful admin now. If only they had listened and hired me as a peace credit broker…

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