Bad Kitty

There are some mash-ups, some collisions of style and substance, that should just never happen. Now admittedly, I rarely drink Beck’s beer, but given the choice between Beck’s and your typical American swill—you know…”less filling, tastes like dirt”—I would probably be willing to put a bottle of this German libation to my lips.

Well…any bottle but Beck’s Hello Kitty lager!!!

Now… The scuttlebutt is that this is all just photo-shopped fakery, concocted in response to some ad exec’s complaints about marketability. But given the current market situation, can we really expect that alcohol purveyors will be able to resist the most evil feline ever to inhabit the face of the earth?

7 thoughts on “Bad Kitty”

  1. Lew… Might, but I bet your of an age that would preclude your dating those women.

    Frogette… Quite the contrary…”Hello Kitty” girls have the highest moral standards. ;-)

  2. …Ain’t that pretty!

    DavidG… …and have bad fashion sense to boot!

    Randal… What about “Kitty Sark”? Or “Kittywieser, ‘King of Kitsch'”.

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