12 thoughts on “Only in America”

  1. When I saw it yesterday I thought I was going to be ill. I wonder if they’ll serve it with pork rinds to snack on?

  2. Deb – It is disgusting isn’t it? I think serving it with pork rinds would be the alcohol equivalent of breaking the Kosher laws.

    Randal – I agree. I would, however put bacon on a doughnut. Is that wrong?

  3. I love bacon, just not as a dessert or a drink. Up until I heard of the vodka I never thought one could have enough bacon.

  4. Personally, I think that bacon certainly has a place in this world… in carbonara, with your spinach salad, and next to your eggs. Anything else is just wrong.

  5. I’m watching a rerun of Chopped on the Food Network and guess what the secret ingredients for the dessert were? Grapefruit, Orange, chocolate and…bacon. I kid you not.

  6. Deb – Seriously? You could have said, “Secret ingredients were Grapefruit, orange, chocolate and broccoli” and I wouldn’t have been more shocked. Bizarre combinations on the Food Network.

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