Back to the Dark Ages

Thanks to our conservative California Supreme Court and some Mormon fat cash same sex marriage is once again banned in our State.  I had such high hopes.  Mayor Newsom was right to challenge as unconstitutional the missing right of gay marriage in our state.  I supported him when he decided to take a stand and started marrying off same sex couples as fast as he could.  But they shut him down.  And then they went back and tried to invalidate all of those marriages.  Thank goodness that failed.  All I can say is it is a sad, sad day when I have to fly to Massachusetts to see a gay couple wed.  Oh and the first chance I get to send money to Utah to outlaw polygamy, you better believe I’ll be writing THAT check.

5 thoughts on “Back to the Dark Ages”

  1. It’s time to appoint Jerry Brown as dictator of the state and be done with it. We have too many problems that democracy just can’t accomplish.

  2. This is truly a momentous day in the World’s history! For surely, the hungry must have been fed, the poor clothed and the homeless housed; peace must have broken out between all the warring races, religions and creeds and all the world’s pollution has been cleaned up for the Mormons to devote all their energy and resources to imposing their special brand of mental illness of denying basic rights to such a small percentage of the country’s population.

  3. Mixter – Sad but true.

    Agi – If only. We tried that once, but he wandered off, got stoned and was found in the State House downing brownies and muttering “Dictator Rainbow, that’s Dictator Rainbow”.

    WINWS – That’s not what I’d ask them. Why is polygamy is always multiple wives and not multiple husbands? Because guys are making the rules.

    LewScannon – And Jesus is coming. Better look busy.

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