Happy Couples Are Not Republicans

Despite the fact that nothing can stop GM’s descent into bankruptcy now, the f*cktards at the RNC still feel the need to take a cheap shot at the President.  And for what…the first couple’s quick jaunt up to NYC for dinner and a play?

What absolute nonsense!  The previous occupant of the White House spent a whopping 977 days kicking it away from DC, and the RNC has got a problem with the President taking the First Lady out for the equivalent of ‘date night’?!

Or perhaps it’s the fact that President Obama isn’t taking his mistress to see the late August Wilson’s award winning play—Like Gingrich, or DeLay, or Wolfowitz, or Sherwood would have done.

And Republicans wonder why nobody give a cr*p about anything they say anymore.

8 thoughts on “Happy Couples Are Not Republicans”

  1. They think it was OK for Dubya to be kickin’ back… I mean after Mission Accomplished, starting the New Crusades, celebrating just the one terrorist attack, initiating a program of torture, finishing off the economy, blah blah etc… He got a lot done.

  2. Blueberry… So true. Get that man an ax, a Lone Star, and let him chop some wood!

    Frogette… How can you say that? I mean, just look at these raving beauties:

    Pat Nixon
    Nancy Reagan
    And last, but not least…Barbara Bush

  3. Why should Wall Street be the only street in NY that gets some economic stimulus from the Obama administration?

    The way the Republicans are going, they’ll be irrelevant by the time Obama makes a real f*** up.

  4. Finally I find a blog that makes a little sense. That’s right. it was a feakin’ date. They didn’t invade a country to express thier feelings of being inadequate in Dad’s eyes. Although, I do have to say that Laura Bush, in some weird sorority kinda way could probably throw down. This sanctamonius righteous indignation in regrds to Sotomayor blows my mind. This is from the m**** F***** that perpetuated racism in this country of mine. Screw em.

  5. Lew… So true. I think Republicans are going the way of the Whigs.

    Tugnik… Welcome to Ragebot! No argument from me. The fact that the ‘Thuglicans are grasping at this as an ‘issue’ is an indicator of how truly desperate they’ve become. Payback is indeed a bitch!

  6. how’s that midterm correction working into your ‘going the way of the whigs’ calculation? I thought you had a decent blog until I saw your partisan divisive comments. Won’t be back.

  7. Hmmm… “Won’t be back,” …well I suppose I’ll just find a way to get along.

    Plain fact is, the ‘Thuglicans aren’t going to get sh*t done. All they will do is give the Democrats more ammo for ’12. I don’t care one whit for Obama, the man’s a hollow mouthpiece, but in comparison to the alternatives from the GOP, he’s Mother f*cking Theresa.

    All I’m going to do after this so-called correction is sit back and laugh myself silly as douch-nozzles like Boehner make themselves look good to the corporations that pay ’em while…at the same time..doing no more damage to the nation.

    Palin in ’12!!!

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