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While we wait for the Senate to cave to the administration on telecom immunity—we should take note of the fact that the whores at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have already been paid for servicing Bu$hCo.

Indeed, whether to help the telcos mitigate the financial danger of class action lawsuits or simply as a “Thank you for helping us build the surveillance society,” cooperative companies watched their federal contract income skyrocket in 2007, up to $1.3B in Sprint’s case. Whereas non-cooperative telcos, Qwest for example, watched their federal contract income drop by 100’s of millions of dollars.

But…not to be outdone by the industries they’re protecting, our congressmen have also watched their coffers fill as a direct result of flipping on immunity—typically a doubling of industry campaign contributions for those representatives willing to bend over for telcos.

So everybody gets paid in a perfect little circle-jerk. Bu$hCo pays the telcos with your tax dollars. Telcos put those dollars back into the pockets of representatives and senators who in turn pay off Bu$hCo by f*cking the American people.

Who would ever have imagined that monetizing the trashing the Constitution could be so lucrative.

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6 thoughts on “Blogs Against Kleptocracy – The Wages of Sin”

  1. It is a great system for those on the system and the great thing it is doesn’t care if you are Republican or Democrat only that you are a whore. It is easy to see why the pols want to protect the system that keeps them living so high on the hog and with free health insurance.
    For those of us on the outside it ain’t so hot. We get to pay to have our privacy rights demolished…such a deal it is to be the pivot man!

  2. It is easy to see why the pols want to protect the system that keeps them living so high on the hog

    Yeah right up until the moment they are indicted. I know we all may not believe it, but karma is coming for them, and it’s a bitch.

  3. Proving that the real of job of the legislature is not to enact laws based on the Constitution, but to continually pimp for campaign funds to keep their high paying jobs.

  4. Froggy! Stop reminding them of the profits to be made by screwing the world. Bloody hell. we are trying to sell a better way here. Send me $10and I’ll send you the secret.

  5. Fallenmonk, Frogette… What gets me is the high level of exposure these payoffs receive vs. the relatively low level of outrage. We watch the money flow into these vultures pockets, yet no one seems willing to vote to stop it.

    I wonder if it would be possible start a business around exposing all of the sources of campaign contributions to candidates for office and relating it directly to voting patterns?

  6. Lew… No truer words. With two year election cycles, I bet that pimping oneself for campaign dollars is a fulltime activity.

    Cartledge… You got it! But…by the time it gets there, that $10.00 might be worth about half of what it is at the present moment.

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