Real ID – When Persuasion Won’t Do, Try Coercion

Real ID is coming for you pork-chop! Despite years of delays, unfunded mandates on the states, and some states’ outright refusal to comply, the Feds intend to put the requirements of Real ID into force in May.

In the short term, this means that you won’t be able to access federal buildings or board airplanes if either 1) your state is not able, or does not intend, to comply with the standards that Real ID sets out for photo identification or 2) you don’t have a valid US Passport (which does comply). (Set aside, for a moment, that there is no published law that allows the airlines to require identification nor law that allows them to refuse to transport you if you fail to produce it. David Gilmore got caught up in the ‘unpublished law’ side of this issue, but that’s another story entirely.) TSA, on the other hand, can and does require identification for you to pass through its security checkpoints.

So…if you live in one of those states are you stuck? Probably not, but you’re almost certainly going to be in for the kind of scrutiny usually reserved for those unlucky individuals on one of TSA’s “extra security measures” lists.

But the real issue for DHS is: How to get all those recalcitrant states on board with the program? And at least one DHS official has come up with a novel idea: Require a Real ID before you can purchase over the counter medication. Got allergies? Need Claritin? “Then I’ll need to see your federally approved photo ID, please.” The howling from residents in those states will be heard from space.

I suppose that when simple persuasion won’t do, why not try coercion? Smacks of the tactics that Great Britain is using to trick their citizens into becoming part of their new “dossier database”.

18 thoughts on “Real ID – When Persuasion Won’t Do, Try Coercion”

  1. Yep, they are trying their hardest to foist ID cards unto us and all ‘to keep us safe from terrorism’ because as we all know, suicide bombers will think twice about blowing themselves to smithereens on packed commuter trains if they are carrying a small plastic card with their photo on it.

  2. Nothing says freedom like having some guard (or better, a private mercenary goon) bark, “Papers, please!” at you. Having witnessed firsthand the shocking incompetence of the TSA at major airports, I can hardly wait to see even more of the same. Of course, Indians already know what it feels like to be forced to carry government-mandated pass cards to be allowed to live in our own country…

  3. Sounds like fertile ground for constitutional lawyers. I wager a few are out there going through the fine print and preparing for some magic class actions.

  4. All… Unfortunately for us Americans, Real ID is just the beginning. Later this month, new DHS rules go into effect that effectively extend the US’ existing rules for international air travel to domestic travel. What this means as a practical matter is that the Feds will have a veto on your ability to move around the country by air, identification or no.

    I’m going to write about this a little later in the week.

  5. Hey, Kvatch, thanks for visiting my new site. I’m very glad to see you’re back in town again. Our numbers are few but, boy, don’t we have an impact? (Don’t answer that!)

    I’ll put your site on my links right now. I assume you’ll reciprocate!

    All the best.

  6. One little pebble. That’s what Joe and Jane Sixpack never see. It won’t be Darth Vader barging down your door with a combo lightsaber/M-16/grenade launcher. Pandora’s box, suckers. This stupid country.

  7. Pretty extreme stuff. A while back I could have never imagined it would come to this. Lately though I am rarely shocked. I will have to agree with Randals sentiment…this stupid country.

  8. Frogette… No need to tattoo it on our bodies. Some companies already require RFID implants for access to sensitive installations.

    Fred… Damn! Is that true? OK, I’m switching parties. :-)

    DavidG… Welcome to my new digs. Regarding the Blogroll…done!

  9. David… Welcome to Ragebot. Though I doubt food is in the offing on Real ID, how about just urgent medical care? That would put a bug up the a**es of the legislators in those states.

    Randal… You said it, and there seem to be a lot of these ‘pebbles’ as we close in on the end-o-the Bush era.

    Mary… Wait there’s more. I’m going to write about the changes to rules for domestic air travel in a day or two.

  10. Reminds me of the scene in Casablanca where they want to know if the guy’s “papers” are on him and he gets shot when it turns out they’re out of date and he runs away. Welcome to the fascist state of America.

    Thank goodness, husband and I both have current passports.

  11. Mauigirl… I’m resolved to carry my passport, but really it’s just another form of ‘Real ID’.

    LC… And don’t forget our Target Great Lands.

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