It’s only a whimsical notion

“It’s only a whimsical notion
To fly down to Rio tonight
And I probably won’t fly down to Rio…”

Well I can’t afford it anymore, can’t take water or luggage with me and I’m not even bloody FAT!!! When I start to feel really detached from life I tend to hide inside a version of Rio by Michael Nesmith. (But I don’t impose YouTube, opt in only!)

Anyway, disclaimer out of the way I’m getting curious about the real intent of many of the air travel restrictions under the guise of security. Does Big Dick Cheney and his Bush Band have major airline shareholdings? Is there a hidden agenda here?

Looking back over the various ‘security’ restrictions on air travel, it is very interesting to see the ones being applied by the airlines themselves to claw back some profitability in the face of increasing fuel costs.

We had to pay extra to accommodate Air Marshals, but rarely see those fat bastards, carrying their weight in armaments for our protection. The airlines restricted their presence from the start.

We couldn’t take fluids on board in case some one created a bomb from baby formula and nail polish. Now the airlines are refusing to even supply water on an increasing number of flights. Next it will be mandatory to urinate before boarding.

After years of denying complaints from baggage handlers airlines are now concerned over the poor boofheads having to lift anything much heavier than a lunchbox; and security services have been quick to agree with the baggage weight reduction.

The latest suggestion is that travelers will be weighed and charged excess for some arbitrary personal weight limit. Bugger them, I hardly cast a shadow, but I would really appreciate having somewhere to put my legs in the seat crush.

I’m not sure it is entirely a whimsical notion, I think we are being screwed over by experts!

3 thoughts on “It’s only a whimsical notion”

  1. I’m guessing I should be happy I don’t fly. It sounds like more and more of a hassle.

    “That guy smuggled a Snickers on board!”
    “The creamy nougat could be C-4!”
    “Get ‘im!”

  2. Randall, it becomes a bother when you are on the other side of the world.
    Frogette, I did mean to give you a mention here, at least as someone who rattles the travel cage for me. The air marshalls didn’t really make it here coz the airlines insisted that it was a government program so the government should pay.

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