Between The Patient And The Doctor

The last thing in the world I think Democrats and Republicans are going to do at the end of the day is create a government-run healthcare system where you’ve got a bureaucrat standing in between the patient and the doctor.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

And that’s the whole problem…putting a bureaucrat between the patient and the doctor would displace the blood-sucking parasite that currently occupies that position, the insurance company.


And thus we see how our representatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, will scuttle health care reform. They’ll call it a matter of access, a matter of choice, a matter of money. They’ll tell us that we’ll be better off keeping things as they are, while another 30 million over the next decade loose access to coverage.

THIS IS THE F*CKING PLAN!!!…do anything to continue to line the pockets of insurers, the one constituency that has a vested interest in making sure that people can’t obtain care or, when they do, have to foot the bill themselves. Don’t fool yourselves, American workers are about to be hung out to dry even though 72% of us would prefer a single-payer, or at least government sponsored, system.

4 thoughts on “Between The Patient And The Doctor”

  1. The only way this failed experiment comes to an end is by overstretching and spending ourselves into oblivion. Good to see we aren’t deviating from that.

  2. I think it’s more than about lining the pockets of insurers, Kvatch. It’s about control and subjugation, and, dare I say it population control. Why would the rich want a vibrant healthy middle class. In the end, it’s means less for them — money, food/resources, and power.

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