Jackson Dies – Mystery Solved

Los Angeles (f-A-ke. P.) —

The mystery surrounding the death of the so-called ‘King of Pop’ was solved today when Madame Anastasia, a medium working out of a second story walk-up in Tarzana, announced that she had been contacted by the former star.

Speaking from the great beyond, Jackson supposedly said, “Nobody upstages me! Especially not a B-list tart like Farrah Fawcett.”

2009/06/26, 10:30a PDT —

If I hear one more car blasting out Bad, or Billy Jean, or Thriller—one more talking head say, “…he defined the music of our generation”—I swear I’m going to puke!

4 thoughts on “Jackson Dies – Mystery Solved”

  1. His music defined a generation-until Nirvana knocked his psychotic pill popping child molesting ass into oblivion along with all the other over produced hair bands of the eighties.

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