Ayurvedic weapons

Indian security forces have revealed this week the “secret ingredient” of their grenades.  It’s chillies! Not just any chillies either.  They use the Guiness Book of World record holder bhut jolokia chilli.  Considered one of the hottest in the world, it’s fierce enough to stop a terrorist or put down a riot.  Indian security forces hope to use this new weapon to stun people into submission.  In response Pakistani separatist groups were seen at the border assembling cooking implements and ingredients and shouting, “Bring it on!”

3 thoughts on “Ayurvedic weapons”

  1. Frogette, I can assure you they can be a hazard, but without wishing to be crude it is the firing mechanism that is the real worry. I prefer to mix with those who lean towards ingesting sweet capsicum.

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