Creature from the deep

I’m certain Frogette has warned Kvatch about what happens when you don’t clean up that mess in the corner: One day something will crawl out of it – and here I am!

Here I am house sitting, with access to subversive web sites and wondering if I should not be informing on my host for the choice of server. I swore and vowed never to use Telstra, the only ISP allowing access to Ragebot (for reasons other than access); but hey! I’m just a visitor and have no choice.

Against all odds; a national government which takes exception to Ragebot and a range of other web publishers, and on an old laptop which boasts 64 mg of ram and bugger all other resources, even ODing on Open Office – but here I am boys and girls from the dark side of politics.

Given that the Aussie Government have pretty much blocked access to the site I guess I could have a field day calling them a bunch of technologically illiterate morons. At least they aren’t subjected to all you American political subversives, even if kiddie protection is the stated aim.

I have, by the way, been quite vocal on the issue of web censorship downunder, though I suspect my mail server has a block on it as well as I have had not one response. Where is Orwell when you need him?

4 thoughts on “Creature from the deep”

  1. Lew, I figure we need something to get excited about short of the world of enterainment :)

    Frogette, what a dear sweet gel, but me subversive? Sure you have a dark skinned bloke for pres and we have a lame white closet thug for PM. Sure the CIA et al are still our major drug trafficers; but where is the subversion?

    Wise, yeah, like Aussies do it downunder – but with their hands I expect.

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