Scandal American-style

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 15o years in prison yesterday
for financial malfeasance.  Yes, in the good old U.S. of A. you get a life sentence for taking people’s money, but only 10 years for taking their lives.  Seem a bit messed up?  I think so. Here’s my take on scandal American-style.

The government who, in their oversight capacity has been asleep at the wheel for years, suddenly wakes up in the midst of a media storm, they charge in like Rambo without a jockstrap and pick one person (a scapegoat), to take the fall.  There is a trial, a lot of pontificating, then that one guy goes down and voila!  Scandal is over.

I’ve seen it happen time and again.  All I can say is Hollywood we need a new screenplay for this.  Wouldn’t it be nice if just once we actually stood up and did something about the graft?  It’s time America, who’s with me?!

5 thoughts on “Scandal American-style”

  1. It would indeed be nice, just like if I had a free, lifetime supply of Neapolitan with Magic Shell, but both are unlikely to ever happen.

    It ain’t livin’ if you ain’t got your illusions, dammit. Well, off to kill someone. Maybe Bernie Madoff. That should garner a sizable cash prize, no?

  2. The world is a stage, it is all entertainment. Time to do it properly again – bring back the stocks, the gibbet, the guillotine. We don’t want justice we want fun!

  3. We don’t want justice we want fun!

    Bring back ‘bread & circuses’!

    Seriously though…Madoff was almost an Enron all by himself. I, for one, am glad he’s going down for…well…the rest of his life. Though I wonder if he’ll pull a ‘Ken Lay’ before they throw him in the slammer?

  4. Yes, the Lay option did come to mind. But overall, while there are still Bush’s and Cheneys walking free it is very selective justice.

  5. Randal – Now I’m picturing you doing Matt Damon in Dogma and packing the Fecalator.

    Cartledge – I think I’d prefer pitchforks and torches. So much more dramatic.

    Kvatch – I just love that he asked for 12 years. Like that was going to happen!

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