Where’s my “Stress Stimulus”?!

It came out today that Social Security Executives have squandered $750,000 in tax payer dollars on a luxurious retreat at the Biltmore hotel in Arizona.  The reason for this boondoggle?  According to SSA Regional Commissioner Peter Spencer:

“We received threats against our employees by people who are in the American public”

So this was “stress relief“?!  Then I have to ask, why did they bring family members along?  SSA argued that the 3 day bonanza had a great negotiated rate.  At a quarter of a million dollars a night I’d say they’re idea of “great” bears some looking into.  Oh and did I mention that the Biltmore is a Waldorf Astoria property? No Motel 6 for these guys.  Add to that the cost of flying everyone in from across the country, and the bill jumps even higher.  Your tax dollars at work again.  All I can say is Americans are receiving threats to the livelihood every day, where’s my damn stress stimulus?

7 thoughts on “Where’s my “Stress Stimulus”?!”

  1. We can’t give everybody single payer health care, but we do seem to be able to give banksters and government employees stress relief from the arduous task of cashing our tax checks.

    The last act of any government is to loot the nation-Michael Rivero

  2. The last act of any government is to loot the nation-Michael Rivero

    Never were truer words spoken. You can see why Social Security (and the U.S. gov’t) are going broke.

  3. Poor bastards, what stress relief is there in traveling? Just think of the threats they would have endured on the journey and from ungrateful hotel staff. It seems to me the punishment might well fit the crime.

  4. What did the retreat accomplish? Nothing. The threats still exist. The money would have been better spent installing alarm systems in the employees homes and beefing up security at work.

    The so-called “threats” were nothing more than an excuse to justify taking a fancy vacation on the taxpayers dime.

  5. Cartledge & Kathy – Well they did have a night at the casino, so all was not lost.

    The Peach Tart – I’m guessing never, thought I’m with you I wish someone would!

    Randal – Hee! and they wonder why they get death threats. Stop spending our money you dumb asses!

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