Apples to lemons?

Microsoft made a big announcement today that it is opening it’s new retail stores right next door to Apple’s.  Sounds like sour grapes to me.  Have they seen those hilarious, “I’m a Mac” commercials?  They always look like losers.  When you’re the computer equivalent of an AV geek you may not want to park your ass next to the quarterback of the football team.  Oh, and did I mention they hired a Wal-Mart aficionado to manage this big rollout?  What?  The K-Mart guy was already booked?

9 thoughts on “Apples to lemons?”

  1. Yeah Dave, but Target is cool (hometown shoutout MPLS!!!). They’ve got hot young designers doing stuff on the cheap. K-Mart has Martha Stewart. Yuck!

  2. But just like in high school, the football star will look good, while the AV geek makes 100 times the amount of money in a year than the football has been will ever see. Just saying. Apple does have the better product line, but it will always be a Windows dominated world.

  3. LewScannon/Kvatch – You 2 need to get together and write a post about that one!

    Cybersear – So true, geeks rule the world. :-)

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