“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Michael!”

Even in this crazy world of billion dollar bailouts—where foreclosures outpace new home sales and the best investment strategy involves a mattress and dime bags—it’s good to know that in some places sanity still prevails.

There have been many memorials to Michael Jackson, but being carved in butter for the 2009 Iowa State Fair won’t be one of them.  They held a poll, and 65% of responders said that they just weren’t comfortable with having the so-called ‘King of Pop’ as a butter sculpture.

And perhaps…that should be the last word on memorializing MJ.

6 thoughts on ““I Can’t Believe It’s Not Michael!””

  1. I think there was a fear that they might use duck butter* for the sculpture.

    * According to court testimony, duck butter was a term Jackson used for semen

  2. What kind of communist flagburners have we got living in Iowa? I can think of no better way to honor this Great American than with a sculpture made of butter — Duck or otherwise.

  3. “I can’t believe it’s not Michael” Ha!

    Someone’s going to come out with a brand of Michael butter now you just wait.

    Wonderland bread!

  4. Lew… OH! I so didn’t need to hear that. My ears are bleeding! :-)

    Tom… In Iowa (as well as Minnesota and Wisconsin) there *IS* no higher honor than being sculpted in butter.

  5. His nose will be much easier to alter when it’s made of butter.

    Blueberry… Nicely fleshed out I would think. ;-)

    Wonderland bread!

    TPM… That would be a *white* bread, no doubt.

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