Secretary of State Clinton announces history is about to repeat itself

Here we go again
Here we go again

Using the old “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” adage Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in a speech this week that the U.S. will arm it’s Middle Eastern allies against a nuclear enabled Iran.  Clinton said the move would create a “defense umbrella” across the Middle East.  Have we learned nothing people?  So once again  we’ll give weapons and technology to Iraq and pit them against their neighbors in Iran.  Does the name SADDAM HUSSEIN ring a bell?!  All this means is that in another 15-20 years we’ll be back in Iraq trying to overthrow whatever new strong man emerges and fighting the war all over again.  That’s the tragic thing about America…we never learn.

10 thoughts on “Secretary of State Clinton announces history is about to repeat itself”

  1. At the moment it’s just rhetoric – but, you are right, we never learn. Countries have been dipping their stubby little toes in Arabian and middle eastern waters for generations. Always ends in tears.

  2. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be selling the Iranians some leftover M/I complex junk soon enough. Once the Tajikistan domino falls, well.

  3. WINWS – So this is all about job security?

    Holte Ender – …tears and blood. You’d think she would know better, you’d think we all would!

    Randal – You are a capitalist’s capitalist aren’t you. :-)

  4. That’s not the tragic thing about The United States… That’s the “tactic” thing about The US! Without dreaded “WMD” or “bogeymen” to scare the bajebus out of the ignorant masses our elected officials would have to sneak up behind us and scream in order to frighten us.

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