We live in strange electoral/economic times

It is a long time since you had to deal with a Sunday downunder, but here I am again for now – St Kevin willing. That is the St Kevin I helped become the Aussie PM, then he turned around and banned Ragebot downunder.

He has me discombobulated! I detest his social agenda, but cheer his economic agenda – even though the latter is set to disprove my long held economic election prediction theory. That theory essentially holds that if the key household indices fall three times between elections the incumbent government is dead meat.

St Kev agrees with my prediction theory to the degree that he proclaimed “the economy is in the toilet” three times before the last election here. Okay, he’s a saint and probably said ‘the economy isn’t good’, or something equally mundane. But it worked!

So after the election, with the economy way down the long drop among the shi…Well you know where it is, St Kev says, “tighten your belts, we’re in for a rough ride here…” That was when he was sanctified by the Aussies. Never mind the Pope, we all know he wouldn’t know a saint from an alter boy.

So now, just trying to kill my theory totally St Kev has now sanctified St Barrack-Calmer-Obama to help in the fight against world economic disaster. St Kev thinks the aforementioned US Prez id the bees knees and is determined to show him how to keep those glorious Washington bedrooms.

Kev just took a whole week off from public life to produce a 6000 word essay to tell those few Aussies who can read that there is a good deal more economic deep shi… to come and his best mate St Barrack etc is going to be by our side to fight it. We are going to the soup kitchen shoulder to shoulder to produce a better world.

Well, so long as the conservative arseholes aren’t in the line up I’ll concede. I just hate it that my cherished prediction model will be toast.

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