Pride: In the name of love

I’m not a cryer. Today though, I’m making an exception. It’s been an amazing week here in San Francisco. Gay couples in California are free to legally marry. Our City Hall is filled with happy couples finally tying the knot. The San Francisco Chronicle has even published a gallery of photos from the ongoing ceremonies. And I find myself moved. Really moved. Love has prevailed. Over hatred, and prejudice, and even over fear.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the newlyweds across California. I’ve never been so proud of my City, my State and my fellow citizens. I wish you all a long, and happy life.

12 thoughts on “Pride: In the name of love”

  1. I read about a couple in your area who finally got married after 51 years. Amazing! Most marriages don’t last half that long (and half the couples aren’t even marrying anymore). Those ladies certainly set an example for the world on how to maintain a long, committed relationship. Good luck to them and many blessings.

  2. Frogette, can’t say the story stirs my emotions, but I guess Australia is a little ahead on this issue. The fact is everyone should have the right to their own form of happiness, as long as it doesn’t hurt any other person. And knowledge of gay relationships should not even come close to hurting others.

  3. Kathy – Yeah, they were the first to marry 4 years and the first again this time around. I agree it’s wonderful to see two people who’ve been together so long.

    Cartledge – I long for the day when we are as evolved about gay rights as you all are. It’s a ridiculously thorny issue here in the States. We’re always up in each other’s business.

  4. Frogette, some friends of mine in Chicago told me they’ve made an appointment for a license to wed in California – if they decide to do it (after 30 years together) they will go to San Francisco to marry. I told them I would come to the wedding; another friend, who is a Judge in Chicago, said she would perform the ceremony – and I asked if I had to get a new dress or would shorts be okay? They thought that was a little too California for them.

    Still, I’m thrilled they will be able to do this. And it is not the first time California becomes the test state. I believe it was 1948 that the first interracial couple got married in California. It was a crime at the federal level for blacks and whites to marry. Their marriage was not upheld in Virginia, so it went all the way to the Supreme Court, where in 1963, the court decided that interracial marriage was indeed legal at the federal level, at any level.

    When the various states start to challenge the gay marriage laws, and it winds up in the Supreme Court, I don’t think it will take as long to find in favor of upholding the legality.

  5. Kathy – Yeah, they were the first to marry 4 years and the first again this time around.

    Kathy, Frogette… The first two where Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, a couple that have been together 55 years. They were also the first two to be married in 2004, before having their marriage it forcibly annulled by the CA Supreme Court.

    The video is here.

  6. Diva Jood – Good for them. You’d be surprised as how well the weddings are planned this time around. Last time it was people running down to city hall to get hitched before the courts stopped them. This time it’s full on, wedding planner type stuff. I didn’t realize that California was first to recognize interracial marriage. Very cool.

    Kvatch – Yeah those ladies were pioneers. They just seemed so happy when they remarried.

    Robert – Too funny! You know though, Shatner seemed willing to try anything. Kiddng, just kidding…

  7. Diva Jood – Technically you’re right, but she’s calling him her “partner” (I’d say manny), so she’s going to have to make the first move. ;-)

  8. This was such wonderful news and I hope it’s just another step toward universal marriage rights for same sex couples in this country.

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