Never Underestimate The Desire For Shiny

Everyone has their panties in a twist over rumors of this upcoming Apple Tablet, but has anyone actually stopped to think about how Apple’s going to address all the potential issues? Because there are quite a few.

Think about it: the rumors are of essentially a gigantic iPod Touch with a 3G connection. It’s a web tablet, right? But we live in a time where $300 netbooks are the norm. Are people going to really be willing to part with $800 for a gussied-up netbook with a touchscreen and Apple design?

Gizmodo — The Many Problems With Apple’s Tablet

Are you kidding me? If Steve Jobs put caca in a unibody aluminum case and called it iPoo, people would buy it. In fact, the lemmings that love all things Mac would queue up for days in front of the Apple stores—and I say this as devoted Apple laptop owner.


6 thoughts on “Never Underestimate The Desire For Shiny”

  1. Does this mean I should be thinking about my M/S 98 capable box anchored to the desktop? Am I slipping dangerously behind here? I’s love to get back to Mac, but maybe OS9 :)

  2. Aluminum? Shabby. I want the iPoo titanium, and am willing to pay $hundreds more for it. Besides, the market for titanium is probably weak right now, what with those F-22 orders having been canceled.

    BTW – bejeezus you must have some budget to afford all the acid you feed the guy that draws those confirmation characters.

  3. Cartledge… Right you are! By the time OS XI is out the OS 9 should be pretty stable. ;-)

    I want an iPoo!

    Station Agent… Then you’ll have to to to Wal Mart. They have an exclusive deal with Apple to sell the iPoo through 2012.

  4. Mr_Blog… They are expensive. Over the years I’ve found that the top-o-the-line laptop is not really necessary for what I do, and have downgraded. Still, they’re about 25% more than I’d pay for a generic Windoze box. (My other laptop is a ThinkPad running Ubuntu Linux.)

    SBT… More specifically, I want an iPoo made from scrap titanium from an F22. I’ll settle for nothing less! :-)

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