A Simple Rule of Driving

Jalopnik clues us in to the “25 Most Redundant Car Technologies“. But the one that really resonates with the frogs of Casa de las Ranas is the automated parallel parking assistant.

Here’s a simple rule—and I note that, when this frog took his first driving test, parallel parking was a ‘required’ skill: If you don’t have the presence of mind to be able to parallel park a car, you probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel in the first place.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Rule of Driving”

  1. I am horrified at the increasing number of people who can’t park unless they can drive in then drive out. I toy with driving again then freak out at the thought I’d be sharing the road with these people.

  2. Parallel parking was a very important part of my driving test, if you couldn’t do it, no license. After living in the States for 25 years, I can’t remember having to do it one time.
    The parking lots are so big, plus I don’t need to park 10 yards from where I am going. I have never experienced being unable to park here and I have been to some pretty big events, concerts, sports etc. In Europe, even in small cities and towns, parking is a premium. Must try it one more time.

  3. Lew… Man of vision, indeed! Parallel parking, manual transmission, and successfully navigating a roundabout, should be the cornerstones of driving part of the test.

    Cartledge… Here in Sodom by the Sea, people try to “drive-in, drive-out” of spaces on the street. The mind boggles.

    Holte Ender… I failed the first time as well, but passed everything else, so they let it go. In the intervening years I’ve become an accomplished parallel parker (lived in a lot of big cities). I can squeeze a car in if I’ve got as a foot on either side. Though…not owning a car, I don’t get to practice much.

  4. Parallel parking is NOT a license requirement these days? I believe it was officially unofficial when I got mine in the late 80s, but it was strongly encouraged that any prospective driver be skilled enough to not ram into parked cars.

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