A Tweet Too Far

There are some things in this world that you should just not tweet.  The birth of your child, for instance.  Let’s follow along:

— “My water just broke. MY GOD! We may need a tsunami alert here…”

— “Contractions are getting more frequen—ooh…OUCH!”

— “WTF is this?! A baby elephant…AUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!”

— “Push?! I’m am pushing you Nurse Ratched wannabee!”

— “Get away from me! I’m never having sex with you again you hairy baboo—EEEEEEE-AAAAAHHHH!!!!”

7 thoughts on “A Tweet Too Far”

  1. Ahhhh, this is why I have avoided twitter. Well actually I avoided it because it is just one more excuse to forgo proper communication and just indulge in filling the world with crap!

  2. Twitter and Facebook are perfect applications for self absorbed people who feel their every thought is worthy of recording for the ages.

  3. Good lord, why bother to ruin a significant moment with twittering. I twitter out of boredom as it passes time. But this is absurd.

  4. Cartledge… And Twitter seems worst than most. I don’t really want people knowing what I’m thinking on a minute by minute basis.

    Lew… What about blogging? ;-)

    Ricardo… Welcome to Ragebot. Though I’m sometimes bored, I’m not sure that I’m ever bored enough to Twitter. In addition, wouldn’t that just spread my boredom around the world? ;-)

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