Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Nonsense Taxes (Redux)

Back in March of 2008, I started the Blogs Against Kleptocracy series with a post about industries imposing ‘nonsense taxes’ on consumers, taxes that compensate an industry for either failing to make money or failing to adequately address fundamental changes to their business model.  And to illustrate the point, I made up some examples of nonsense taxes including this:

Big Coal will lobby for a ‘green tax’ that compensates them for revenue lost due to consumers switching to green power generation, buying energy efficient appliances, and turning off lights. Reduce your electricity consumption by 20%, and BANG! the tax kicks in.

At the time it seemed like a joke, but a year later Xcel Energy is proposing just such a tax—in this case a fee for customers who have the temerity to install solar panels, cutting their energy consumption or eliminating it entirely. Don’t use enough of Xcel’s energy, and bang the fee kicks in. And to add insult to injury, Xcel describes this as a way of ‘leveling the playing field’ for their non-solar customers, arguing that solar customers are getting a ‘free ride’. Despite the fact that no non-solar Xcel customer pays extra to fund anything having to do with solar energy redistribution or energy efficiency incentives.

So now, in the Kleptocracy that this country has become, consumers will progressively be penalized for not consuming.

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14 thoughts on “Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Nonsense Taxes (Redux)”

  1. What, you got something against the Free Market? These “fees” are just part of that Invisible Hand of the Marketplace.

    I think they should quadruple bus fares and train fares, with the extra money being donated to those poor little oil companies whose profits are being derailed by mass transit moonbats.

    And people who get cheap prescriptions at Wal-Mart or Walgreens should pay a huge surcharge, which would be channeled to the pharmaceutical companies.

    This is kind of fun…

  2. Let’s surcharge the unemployed for not working, lets penalize people who rent, lets penalize the homeless, lets surcharge dead people who were cremated and didn’t pay sales tax on a casket, lets penalize dogs and cats for not pooping in the toilet and not using toilet paper, lets tax people who tell a joke that’s not funny, lets tax people who tell a joke that is funny, lets surcharge the living shite out of everything living thing. Have I missed anything?

  3. Quite often these days when paying a bill, or even at the checkout, I ask what the component is in to payment figure which covers corrupt payments.
    I’m thinking about having the question translated into Zulu, or Oraon or Kurukh. They still wouldn’t understand, but at least I could have some fun paying obscure taxes.

  4. Not morbidly obese? McDonalds will sue you for the right to force feed Big Macs into you through a surgically implanted tube. If you ride a bicycle more than 5 miles a day Exxon Mobil and General Motors will have the right to cut your Achilles tendons. Oh, I could go on, to the point that they’d be wheeling you around on one of those dollies they move furniture with.


    “I didn’t realize he had still been alive…”

    Nice use of the pluperfect there Cartledge. Do you live someplace where they still teach people grammar or something? You’d better watch yourself, a lot of ‘Murkans consider that kind of high-falutin’ talk to be elitist.

  5. …with the extra money being donated to those poor little oil companies whose profits are being derailed by mass transit moonbats.

    Tom… In a sense, we did. Though they called it a ‘bailout’ and it went to our now bankrupt auto companies. I suspect Big Oil’s day is coming.

    Let’s surcharge the unemployed for not working…

    Holte… I want to tax companies that don’t hire me. I should get a fee each time I do an interview but don’t get hired!

  6. Cartledge… Maybe the legit economy needs to tax us for using the black-market economy. (Of course, if we just turned one into the other–by legalizing pot, for example–then we could do away with the whole silly notion.

    SBT… Around here we have these little two-stroke, two person, go carts for the tourists. Perfect example of the obese needing monstrously inefficient transport around our fair city. God-forbid anyone should actually walk…or take public transit.

  7. The “pluperfect”? OK…I know what it is, but am not sure that I’ve ever had a chance to use it. ;-)

    Randal… No. No, you’ve got it all backwards. I get to tax you when you *don’t* comment on Ragebot! Hmm going back…that’ll be $1,400,565.

  8. Enough with the so called “fees” and taxes. It’s so silly. Banks do it because they ran out of ways to make money so this artificially inflates earnings. It’s so obvious and cheesy.

  9. Another form or privatizing the gain and socializing the loss. They love capitalism when it works for them and hate it when they’re on the losing side of the game. Now that’s a laissez faire economy for ya!

  10. Ricardo… Banks are especially predatory in my opinion. You’ve got to watch them like a hawk to keep them from “nickle-and-diming” you go death.

    Spartacus… “Privatizing the gain and socializing the loss”! That’s a great way of putting it.

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