The planet is not really in deep kakka, it just feels that way.

Ask any Australian conservative (Liberal/National Party) parliamentarian and they will tell you so. Actually John Howard’s old attack dog in the Senate, Bill Heffernan, will go further and add a hand dance to his words of rejection.

HEFFERNANIn a way, the Senate rejection of the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS for dildo’s!) was quite correctly supported by the Greens, but for totally different reasons. The ETS is an inadequate concept when dealing with climate change issues, but the bloody conservative reject any talk of climate change, period!

But these conservatives still have a bag load of other tricks. The ‘up yours’ Heffernan was also quoted this week (without the hand dance) saying ”I don’t mind gay people, I just want you to stop f—ing the kids.”

In the lower house another former Howard attack dog, former seminarian, also a Liberal leadership aspirant and currently opposition families spokesman, Tony Abbot reported during a public speech; his teenage daughter called him a ”lame, gay churchy loser”. A bundle of laughs.

Oddly enough the gay community took exception to his clear implication that gay is a pejorative. The family conscious people were a little pissed off that he should make a private family discussion a matter of public interest.

Caring sensitive new-age types, the lot of them! Quite obviously these people would not recognise deep kakka, even when it is lapping their earlobes.

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