Right-wing pedophile bomb-maker jailed

I can understand why people in the US get pissed off when foreign copy cats steal the limelight. This story is out of Britain, and to compound the insult, specifically a town called Goole. Goole is inland port in Yorkshire, on the River Ouse. Don’t ask me, I just report them.

We know that, reprehensible as it is, pedophilia is less about sex than is about a certain personal powerlessness. But storing 39,000 indecent images of children with his live ammunition and explosives, while preaching his message of virtue and light, seems to surpass any reported US extremes.

Perhaps Thirty-one-year-old Martyn Gilleard hadn’t realized the commercial potential of his tendency to extreme views. But then, perhaps he is simply one of life’s losers.

He’s been jailed for 11 years for the terrorism and ammunition charges, 12 months for child pornography and another four years because of the danger he poses to the public. (Perhaps read being a right wing freak!)

2 thoughts on “Right-wing pedophile bomb-maker jailed”

  1. Well…if this case had come up in the United States, Mr. Gilleard would be serving 11 years on the pornography charges and 12 months for the terrorism and ammunition charges.

  2. I liked the extra ‘woolly’ four years, because the judge could. Personally I’d probably shove the live bomb making stuff up his… well sometimes I’m not very nice.

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