ABC/Disney looks to Ragebot for inspiration

When I wrote my Dancing with Statesmen post I was kidding people. It wasn’t a suggestion.

ABC announced the new line up for Dancing With the Stars this week and I was shocked to learn that Tom DeLay is joining the cast.  Yes they’ve invited the former House Majority leader to burn the floor.  I guess Hollywood truly is out of ideas because in this case life really does imitate fiction.  All I can say is it was my idea Disney execs.  I know you’re just a bunch of 20 something Wharton grads, but you need to learn the meaning of the word satire and stop stealing from bloggers.  I am not your muse, but I can be bought.  So… “Where’s my freakin’ movie check?!”

5 thoughts on “ABC/Disney looks to Ragebot for inspiration”

  1. Holte Ender – You’re probably right, but my guess is they’d make it into a made for t.v. movie starring Zac Efron.

    Honey – We are just bread & butter. We’re even quoting from the same movie. Love you…MWAH!

  2. Get a room you two. I’m still suffering PTSD from knowing that the Bugman won’t be in jail but will be aided and abetted by the entertainment wing of the military/industrial complex in rehabbing his image to unwashed masses.

  3. Randal – I’m not sure his Texas two step is going to lead to redemption. Then again, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching Dancing with The Stars.

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