Zimbabweans lead a laughter revolution

The appalling situation in Zimbabwe is difficult to comment on with any meaning, but some Zimbabweans seem to have found a way. George Orwell wrote “Every joke is a tiny revolution”. The revolution is under way…

A policeman stops a motorist and asks for a donation: terrorists have kidnapped the former Sir Robert Mugabe, and have vowed to soak him in petrol and set him alight if the ransom is not paid. “How much are other people giving?” the motorist asks.
“On average about two or three litres.”

What did Zimbabweans use for light before candles? Answer: Electricity.

Zimbabweans really do believe this is a general election – because our generals decide who gets elected.

The only difference between a Zimbabwean election and an erection is that you can’t rig the latter.”

3 thoughts on “Zimbabweans lead a laughter revolution”

  1. Kvatch, it is being compared to the Russian form.
    I think the US have their own form Randal. Hell, now I know, belatedly, who Carlin was…

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