Another study into urban transport

Recent transport economic figures in Australia provide a horrifying view were mass transit falls short of delivering any real solutions. It is instructive to note that the greater LA area has a higher population than the whole Australian continent.

“traffic congestion is costing the Australian economy $12.8 billion a year and, without urgent action, will hit $30 billion a year in 2015.” Paralysed in commuter gridlock

Sydney ranges close to 4 million population, with many residents forced, by cost, to live beyond the transport infrastructure. “Sydney congestion this year at $4.58 billion – $12.5 million a day – and forecasts that will increase to $7.76 billion by 2020, or $21 million a day.” (IBID)

According to Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore:
”The No. 1 infrastructure issue for Sydney is the need for new public transport and this has to be the priority for both state and national governments.
”What’s needed in Sydney is a massive expansion, particularly the suburban railway network and a high-capacity light rail system in the inner-city areas where congestion makes buses completely inadequate to the task of moving large volumes of passengers efficiently.”

Kvatch put the issue into perspective: Mass transit everywhere isn’t just AN alternative. It’s the ONLY alternative.