Dispatches From the Health Care Fiasco

A plethora of headlines from the most irrational, ‘no-brainer’ debate of our times:

GOP now wants ’superfilibuster’ for healthcare reform —  From the party that would have done away with the filibuster if they could have, comes a plan to de-legitimize the health care outcome if they don’t get their way.

Insurers admit 50,000 employees lobbying Congress to claim profits fair This is good, but taking the Goldman Sachs approach and getting one of their own as head of Health and Human Services would probably be better.

Fox furthers ‘death panel’ hysteria with ‘death book’ claim — When I make up the news, I at least tag it as humor or satire. When FOX makes up the news they have a ready make cabal of morons who apparently believe anything they’re told.

DeMint And Bachmann Call On States To Collectively Fight ObamaCare If Passed — DeMint and Bachmann are the sort of nutters for whom the 10th Amendment (‘reservation of un-enumerated powers to the states or to the people’) is only useful when it’s a power they approve of. Ask these ass-wipes how they feel about feel about 10th Amendment arguments supporting gay marriage.

And finally… A Commonwealth Fund report lays out for us the grim health care situation.  Insurance premiums, that doubled in  00’s, will double again by 2020.  In other words, you will soon be paying as much for your insurance as you pay for housing.  Chew on that, while these ‘Thuglican f*cks do their level best to keep the profits flowing into an industry that isn’t really interested in keeping you healthy anyway.

5 thoughts on “Dispatches From the Health Care Fiasco”

  1. Ah, the wonders of capitalism are at work, Kvatch. Yet still it is held up by the greedy as the perfect system, a marvellous achievement of mankind.

    Unfortunately, greed brings out the worst in humans and that’s plenty bad!

  2. DavidG… Well on the path we (the US) is trodding, US corporations have maybe 15 years before their competitiveness is crushed by their health care burden; any workers with skills and means will have emigrated; and the US government is no longer able to financially indemnify them against their losses. We’re basically done. The talking heads on the right just don’t know it yet.

    Health Insurance companies were non profit, so were hospitals.

    Holte… Would that we were in that position again, eh?

    Bow before the awesome power of Superfilibuster! Tuesdays at 9, 8 Central!

    Randal… Brought to you by Almond Joy… “Sometimes you feel like a nutter, sometimes you don’t…”

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