11 thoughts on “Cheesecake Indeed”

  1. I don’t really have any comments on the 7′ foot penis, but I dig a lot of the things you’ve got posted. You definitely have one hell of a big site; I think I’ve been here before???? Anyways, I’m blog rolling ya’ so if that’s not okay, then let me know.

    I know the smoke sucks there, it usually turns out to be a large developer that is “cheaply” removing mother nature. I’ve seen this scenery countless times.

    Peace and Freedom

  2. They’ve been selling stuff using scantily clad females since forever. A seven foot penis is just a kind of affirmative action as I see it.

  3. Lew… The Frogette snapped the shots, but I made the guesstimate based on the fact that his package looked slightly larger than the people standing below.

    Mateo… I haven’t welcomed you before, thanks for stopping by. In this case, I don’t think it’s the developers…lightning strikes seem to be the culprit that the MSM is talking up.

    Zenyenta… Well, Beckham is definitely a specimen, but the who really needs Armani underwear?

  4. Um, yeah I don’t think the demographic for this marketing campaign is chicks though. In San Francisco, debuted right around the Pride Parade? Just sayin’.

  5. Oh baby — after all the gigantic tits and ass that are usually all over billboards, this is a blessed change.

    I know they don’t make em like that but I can dream.

  6. I believe the gender-correct term is ‘beefcake.’

    Mr_Blog… True, but the juxtaposition with the ‘Cheesecake Factory’ sign over on the side was just too good to pass up.

    Beauzeaux… As the Frogette pointed out, we don’t get so much T&A here in Sodom by the Sea, but I’m still not encouraged to rush right out and overpay for Armani skivies. Though, if it would give me abs like those…

  7. I can’t believe the morality police aren’t squawking about this. Oh wait, I forgot, you live in that depraved city where liberals rule. ;-)

  8. Totally homo-erotic targeting the gay market.

    Liz… You know it! You might refer to it as, “Peckertising”!

    Kathy… A veritable cesspool, or as the venerable Brother Jed Smock would say, “…A hot-be-eyeeeed of fooooor-NI-CA-TION!!!”

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