Great California garage sale

GarageSaleTransIf you’re looking for the “f-A-k-e. P.” logo here you’re not going to see it.  The great State of California really is running an online garage sale.  Gov. Schwarzenegger hopes to sell off extra vehicles from our state fleet, confiscated items, unused computers, desks and even an antique piano (?).  You see our guv figures if he signs these items, given his celebrity, they will be valuable and will bring much needed cash to the coffers of California.  He sure isn’t going to balance our budget the old fashioned way.  So he’s harnessed the power of eBay and Craigslist to move our junk.  So grab your pennies and stop by.  You never know when you’ll find a great deal on one of those nine Hummers parked out front of the governor’s mansion.

6 thoughts on “Great California garage sale”

  1. I was in San Francisco one time and a very suave gentlemen offered to sell me the Golden Gate Bridge for only $5,000.

    No, no, no! Not the Golden Gate…you misheard. He said the “Bay Bridge” the seismically unsound, ugly as sin, eastern side of the Bay Bridge that only now—20 years after the last quake—are they finally preparing to tear down for the replacement.

    I’ll have them ship it to you C.O.D. ;-)

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