What ever happened to 9/11?

707_4_wideweb__470x3760.jpgSydney office workers who glanced out the window at morning tea yesterday faced something straight out of Hollywood – a low-flying large passenger plane being chased across the harbour by a fighter jet.

One witness who works at a financial services company near Circular Quay, said the noise of the planes stopped work at her office.

“It came very close to the building and we all stopped and said: ‘Oh my God! What was that noise?”

The incident was not an air force pursuit of a hijacked passenger flight, but a “farewell flight” for the defence force’s Boeing 707 aircraft.

“Office workers in the CBD had no cause for alarm, said Defence spokeswoman Raveena Carroll-Kenney.”

What sort of bullshit is that? Governments create these fears then their agencies just go on playing their games.

4 thoughts on “What ever happened to 9/11?”

  1. OMG they must have been terrified. I used to work in a high rise and there were days after 9/11 where I really didn’t want to be up there. Your gov’t owes those poor folks an apology.

  2. I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently the news was reduced to a side story then dropped. If I was a news sniffer I might have missed it altogether. So the bastards really are still very much in control.

  3. A “farewell flight”? As in somebody decided that a plane deserved to be taken out and exercised one last time? If so, I’d object to the waste of fuel more than the fact that they scared the office workers. Since when does a plane need a sendoff?

  4. You would have objected even more to the dirty black plume of partly burned exhaust. It certainly wasn’t a advert for efficiency.

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