The sweet smell of…Pamela Anderson?!

Bottle blond and human blow up doll Pamela Anderson tweeted this week about the launch of her first fragrance.  It’s called Malibu by Pamela.  Personally I think “SKANK!” would have been a better choice.  She could diversify ala Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton into adjacent fragrances like, “SKANK! Beach” and “SKANK! Boat”.  The Frog suggested “MILF SKANK!”   There could even be a “Vegas SKANK!”.  I’m wondering if PETA has certified her fragrance animal friendly.  I’m guessing it was tested on ‘escorts’ walking the Vegas Strip between midnight and 3 a.m.

7 thoughts on “The sweet smell of…Pamela Anderson?!”

  1. Holte Ender – And it smells like…?

    WINWS – Lohan is looking like the Crypt Keeper lately. Have you seen her photos? I expect every time she walks out into daylight that she’ll turn to dust. We should give her a fragance called Queen of the Damned

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