Cross words for the print media

So Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is bleeding money and he’s had to take a pay cut – a bloody big pay cut. So what does he do? He wants to charge for his online ‘news’, which is usually anything but news.

Not my serious Aussie media crew here; when Mudoch left here and became a Yank Fairfax won the crown. Well Fairfax were talking about charging for big ticket news, the expensive deep stuff few of us read anyway.

Fairfax has now cut right to the quick and simply stopped their daily online cryptic crossword!!! Damn their eyes! They say, if you want it daily buy the paper! Fair crack of the whip, much as I love solving a cryptic I won’t buy a fish wrapper to get to it.

Now I guess my rage is a little cryptic for North Americans who don’t value the mind teasing cryptic crossword, but it sure as hell means war here in Australia. I still think – (1 across 4 letters) It’s shitty when a high note leads modern music genre. Answer – CRAP!

3 thoughts on “Cross words for the print media”

  1. Murdoch loves his newspapers more than anything in his portfolio. He is still a newspaper man to the core, which could prove to be a drag on his other interests. One lives in hope.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your cryptic, I grew up with them too.

  2. I love a cryptic. My favorite is in the Toronto Star every Sunday — “The Prize.” The Star gives out a princely $10 to the first correctly completed one ‘opened’ (not necessarily received) every week. I’m pretty sure it’s actually from a London, England paper, it has a lot of Brit references in it.

  3. Murdoch’s dad, Keith’s, memory still lives on in Australia. He loved print media. Sadly I think Rupert only thinks he does.

    On cryptics, they are a very English invention, but managed to transplant to the antipodes. The Fairfax lot offer a full Macquarie dictionary each Saturday. Now online they only offer access to the Guardian cryptic. I do enjoy the Aussie flavoured puzzles personally.

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