California Cagers Caught Clutching Cells…

on the first day of our new ban on using your mobile phone while driving. And all I have to say is:

About mother-f*cking time!!!

Not a week goes by when I don’t have to leap out of the way of some stupid cager, cellphone growing out of their head, making a turn without the right-of-way. My only regret is that the penalty is a mere $20 ($50 for the second offense)—ought to be confiscation of the phone (first offense) and confiscation of your hand (second offense). But get this: Our new law has a loophole large enough to drive a truck through. You can still text while driving. Go figure.

13 thoughts on “California Cagers Caught Clutching Cells…”

  1. I rented a car last weekend for a trip down to my hometown–South Florida. I was staying with some friends of mine and they text. I hate it. Anyway, they texted me while I was at a red light and I thought I could reply before the light changed. Nope. I suck at texting. I never do it. I don’t know how. So the light changed and I was tantalizingly close to finishing. So I edged out into the intersection trying to finish the word “dude” or something, when I had a moment of clarity and threw the foul, demonic device onto the floorboard. It had my soul for that brief moment.

  2. UC… I’m gearing up for some more ped-rage the next time I see someone breaking the new law while turning left from a one-way to a one-way. (No visibility and a cell-phone make that maneuver particularly dangerous.)

    SA… You can get from the South Pole to South Florida, in a weekend…by car?!?! ;-) But seriously, texting while driving is Satan’s way of getting at your soul early.

  3. I assume you’re joking about the texting thing, because, you know, that would be even more dangerous than talking on a cell since you’re at least sort of looking at the road from time to time.

  4. Anal phones, sounds interesting. People are idiots. They need to concentrate, and not be stupid. In the States it costs alot of money when you fuck someone else up; maybe these idiots need toremember karma, as well

  5. Randal… Wish I could say that texting thing was a joke, but it’s not. Take a gander at the end of CNET’s video.

    In the States it costs alot of money when you fuck someone else up;

    Mateo… Well said. To my mind, our litigious society is the primary reason one should pay uber-attention while driving. You mow down a pedestrian, your financial life is over.

  6. Washington also has laws against texting and talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving. Unfortunately, these are only “secondary offenses” (I think that’s the term). A driver won’t get pulled over just for texting or phone-blubbering. If they’ve already been stopped for another violation and they happen to be texting or phoneyakking, then it’s an offense.

    I guess it’s a start.

  7. I think the penalty for the first offense should be to soundly beat them about the head with said cell phone. If caught texting, they get a wedgie.

  8. Tom… We’ve got the Highway patrol out pulling people over, and I couldn’t be happier, but that texting loophole is terrible oversight.

    Frogette… I think for the first offense, if the cell is an iPhone, it should be confiscated and sent directly to you! :-)

    SA… You’re tight with Hugo?! Who knew?

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