09/09/09 = Wedded Bliss

20 years ago on this date, two young frogs joined suckers in holy matrimony. Yes…Kvatch and The Frogette mark 20 years of wedded bliss today.

And that’s not the only BIG news coming this month, but you’re going to have to wait a bit for the ‘other shoe to drop’!

8 thoughts on “09/09/09 = Wedded Bliss”

  1. Many congratulations, 20 years is no mean feat, I think you guys are gonna make it.

    ‘shoe to drop’ I read Sherlock Holmes, I think I’ve got your BIG news figured out. You are going into the Cobbling business.

  2. Congrats Kvatch/Frogette… may you enjoy many more years together. Now run off and have some fun you love-frogs. Get a room, will ya!

  3. Thanks guys! Actually Robert it’s his and hers iToys this year. 20th is the techy anniversary at Casa de las Ranas.

    Randal – Oh yes it will. He’s threatened to take half my shoes if I don’t stick around and I’d never allow that!

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